Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Record Mania mix 17 - Carl "Lady Midnight" Hedberg - Family Circle Niter Prep Mix

I did a 60 min mix of modern/northern/crossover soul as a warm-up for the forthcoming Family Circle Soul Allnighter in Stockholm on Feb 15th 2014, feat. Andy "Tats" Taylor, Pete Shirley, Jens Chreisti, Carl Hedberg/Lady Midnight and Erik Östlund. Some fast, some slow, some cheap, some not. Hope you like!

Richard Caiton - I See Love Girl In Your Eyes (Caiburt 45)
Lil Major Williams - Girl Don't Leave Me (Williams III 45)
William Cummings - Make My Love A Hurting Thing (Bang Bang 45)
Bobby Bland - Let's Get Together (Duke LP)
Theron & Darrell - I Was Made To Love Her (Solo 45)
Impressions - I Need A Love (ABC LP)
J.J. Barnes - Got To Get Rid Of You (Volt 45)
Garland Green - Just Loving You (Spring 45)
G.C. Cameron - Give Me Your Love (Malaco LP)
Masters Of Soul - Do You Really Love Me (Ovide 45)
Clarence Townsend - I Found A New Love (Clara 45)
Edward Hamilton & The Natural Looks - My Darling Baby (Mary Jane 45)
Kittie Doswell - Just A Face In The Crowd (Hes 45)
Village Choir - All Purpose Love (SCM Ringer LP)
Mojoba - Say You Will (Polydor 45)
Phillip Mitchell - Oh How I Love You (Hi 45)
Bobbie Williams - Singing Love, Happiness And Peace (Stanson 45)
Chantels - I'm Gonna Win Him Back (RCA 45)
Carol Anderson - Master Plan (Explosion 45)
Ike Noble - Your Love (Chanson 45)