Friday, January 3, 2014

Modern soul/boogie, Strata East/spiritual jazz and more...

A nice mix of records this week with the strongest sections being jazz and modern soul/boogie. In the latter we have top stuff like Sir Charles Matthew & The Village Choir "Sweet Hot Lips", Len Rideout "Just One More Night", Spur Of The Moment "Put Me Down/Twist And Shout" and Chimere "Let's Take The Time". In the jazz section we have a bunch of Strata East-albums such as Billy Parker "Freedom Of Speech", Clifford Jordan "In The World", Muriel Winston "A Fresh Viewpoint", some Black Jazz-albums plus David Lee Jr "Evolution", Mixed Bag's "First Album" on Tribe and Jothan Callins "Winds of Change". New records in all other sections as well - too see all records added this week check our New in stock-section.

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