Friday, December 20, 2013

Jazz EPs, Reggae and Hip Hop

This Friday's update focuses on jazz EPs, reggae and hip hop. In the jazz EP-section we have for example many German EPs we have never had before including the extremely rare "Jazz Da Camera" by Karlhanns Berger (Karl Berger). We also have "Loosdrecht Jazz Concours 1964" with Martin Verlinden's fantastic take of "Four And Six", Alain Goraguer "Paris Secret", two Freddie Redd EPs on Metronome and many, many more.

The reggae section has nice 12"s like Tommy Clarke "Reggae Rocking", Sel Weeler "Out Of Rome", dub LPs such as the Jamaican original of "Dub In The Slum", "Dubbing With The Observer" and "Dub Rockers Delight", some 30 reggae 7"s including a handful of rare Lee Perry/Black Ark 45s plus a big bunch of classic LPs.

Also some hip hop like the ultra rare disco rap 12" "Rappin' with Mr Magic", Looptroop's indemand "Unsigned Hype", indie rap from Fifth City Mob on "Murder Type/Dark Side" and huge classic from Gang Starr, Dr Dre, Pete Rock etc.

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