Friday, October 12, 2012

Akropolis, First Class + Sale

About 300 records added but high quality in general especially soul LP's, some nice hip hop albums and plenty more stuff. We have also reduced prices at the soul, reggae, rock sections at records that has been in stock a bit too long. See more information below. 

Danish private pressed fusion/psych/rock LP.

Mono original of rare UK jazz from 1961.

Lovely midtempo modern soul duet. Rare 45 in nice condition.

Spacey disco classic from Patrick Adams & Peter Brown.

Wonderful modern soul/boogie track on rare 12".

US stereo original of all-time classic 60's soul LP.

Ace funk classic that never fails on the dancefloor.

Massive breakbeat/funk classic.

Rough killer album from 1996 inc. "Lefleur leflah eshkoshka". US original.

One of the best soul LP's around with classics as "Just me n' you" and "After hours".

Massive collage-styled tribute to Marvin Gaye. First issue with four tracks.

Excellent private pressed jazz LP. Close to perfect copy in shrink.

Fusion/funk jazz LP from 1976 that doesn't turn up too often.

Sealed copy of this hard to find funk jazz album.

Fine Strata-East LP from Ron Burton and John Lewis, close to NM condition.

Seldom seen trio jazz LP from 1981 by fine Danish piano player.

Very nice vocal jazz in "Song without an end". Uncommon album on small indie label.

First issue of Japanese original from 1977, live album recorded in 1974.

Very rare prog/jazz LP from 1972.

Rare first issue on Mandala Records in fantastic condition.

Truly superb sweet soul album produced by George Kerr. Beautiful copy in shrink.


We must make room for all new incoming records that we have bought recently so we have reduced prices at several hundreds of titles with among 20-60%. It's both rare, expensive records and cheap but good stuff that has become as cheap at 15 Sek in many cases. This week we have reduced prices at:

SOUL - 371 records reduced, see link below sorted by cheapest.

Down from 700 to 500 Sek.

Modern soul down from 500 to 400 Sek.

Modern soul rarity down to 1000 sek from 1200. 

and many many more.


See sorted by cheapest here:

Price down from 450 to 350 Sek.


Roughly 50 records with reduced prices to see sorted by the cheapest see here:

Reduced from 350 to 250 sek.

We will continue to go through other sections the following weeks. 

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