Thursday, June 21, 2012

Weekly update. Clausel, Counts, Roberto Roena, Twilight and more...

Just back from a two weeks US trip with many soul,disco classics. It will be way more records added the nearest weeks as I'm still waiting for the majority of the records to turn up. Shop is open today but closed tomorrow and Saturday. Here's a few of the more exclusive added this week.

Sealed copy of this midtempo soul bomb. 

Very rare jungle 12" from 1994. 

Deep hard-hitting ghetto funk. Such a solid album. 

Classic disco with just the right sleazy touch. 

Edu Lobos best album including "Ponteio" and "Zanzibar". Clean copy. 

 With Bruno Tomaso and Gianno Basso, recorded in 1973. Really good copy of this album.

Obscure LP with free improvised jazz. Listen to the spiritual "Shut up". 

"Come go with me" is a great northern biggie.

Strong piano trio LP on popular french label. 

Wonderful soul/rock in "A love of your own" and "Get it up for love".

Exceptionally clean copy of this stormy latin classic. 

Lovely smooth 80's soul. 

Great live album with unknown local talents recorded in Switzerland in 1962. 

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