Friday, November 4, 2011

Newly added records

I'm back from a buying trip in the states, between lot of take away food, snowstorm and seeing a robbery, I also managed to buy some nice records that will be added the nearest weeks. Here's a few of the highlights this week:

Lorez Alexandria - From broadway to hollywood - Ultra rare Japanese only LP including dj favorite "Send in 
the clowns". 

Carol Anderson - Ain't giving up - Good modern soul LP not seen that often.

Checkmates LTD - All alone by the telephone - Soul classic.

Clausel - Let me love you - Superb modern soul classic.

Disco ladies - Three's company - Super rare Disco LP at Baby Grand same label as Terea, Clydie King and more. 

Fillmotions - Young girl in motion - Top rare soul LP including sweet soul favorite "Young girl".

Franz Koglmann with Steve Lacy - Flaps - Austrian free jazz.

Funky bureau - Boogie train - Japanese original of hard disco LP.

Idris Muhammad - I'm a believer - Awesome jazz/soul tune, rare 45.

Lovelites - With love from - Soul masterpiece, essential album.

Menelik Wossenatchew - Asha gedawo / nefs eko nat - Rare Ethiopian 45.

Softones & First Class - Together - Nice modern/sweet soul LP. 

Steve Marshall - Maintain - Original us 12 inch of this huge disco tune. 

For all records in stock including the newly added records see website.

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