Friday, April 29, 2011

Great update today!

We have added roughly 350 records today primarly spiritual, free, bebop jazz but also several great rare groove classics, some soul 45's, latin, reggae, hip hop etc etc. To receive weekly mails of all titles added to the stock fill in your name and email via this link.

Weekly mail 

Here's a few of the highlights of the more exclusive records we have just added:

Ambassadors - Soul summit - Wonderful soul LP, rare and indemand. Close to perfect copy. 

Ablution - Same - Pretty rare Swedish fusion/jazz/prog that was long time since we had.

Al Greene - Back up train - Original issue of his debut LP before he dropped the last "E". 

Ashantis - Let's stay together - Afro funk

Bengt Nordström - Natural music edition 2 - Private pressed extreme rarity of Swedish free jazz legend.

Bengt Nordström - Natural music edition 3 - He sure didn't make it easy for future record collectors with releasing same different music under same labels, without information, without cover etc. 

Bethlehem progressive ensemble - Mod lit - Very rare, odd lp. Thanks to the friendly Norwegian gentleman that traded it to us!

Booker Little - Out front - Candid - Mono original in top shape.

Brötzmann / Van Hove / Bennink - FMP 0130 - Heavy free jazz. 

Cannonball Adderley - Somethin' else - Mono original pretty clean of this classic.

Charles Moffett family - Vol 1 - Obscure spiritual/free jazz LP. 

Don Wilkerson - Elder don - Mono original, not top shape but still decent. 

Fein - Pollution / stonedage - Wonderful Brasilian funky fusion. 

Jackie Mitto - Dance baby dance - Killer reggae/disco tune. 

Joe Acosta - The Power of love - Rare LP at Joe Bataan's private label Ghetto records.

Joe Bataan - Poor boy - Amazing music and ace cover too. Anyone saw the fantastic interview at Swedish television some years ago!

Kahil El'Zabar - The Ritual - Great, spiritual jazz, german only + also a few other LP's by him added.

King Kong - Identify me - Digital reggae LP. 

Larry Wedgeworth - No more games - Great modern soul winner. 

Metal Fingers - Special herbs vol 1 & 2 - Indemand hip hop from this genius.

Miles Davis - Dark magus - Original Japanese release, fairly rare.

Moodyman - Black mahogany - Another genius, indemand house anthem.

Nils Lindberg - Trisection - Rare 50's jazz, norwegian issue. 

Pat Britt - Jazz from San Francisco - Great modal jazz LP. 

Pål Thowsen -. No time for time - Avantgarde rarity

Rune Gustafsson - Young guitar - Rare Swedish jazz LP from 1961 at Metronome. 

Rune Lindblad - Predestination - Far out electronic. Hard to find.

Stardust international & tayfun - Big Swedish groove, funk rarity. 

Steve Lavy - Live - Ictus - Seldom seen LP. 

Tom Scott - The Honeysuckle breeze - Indemand, great LP with a unique sound. 2nd press but still rare.

Trumains - Ripe for the pickin - Incredible fine soul tune.

Zoot Sims - Cookin - Fontana Dutch original in clean shape. 

A nice update I think. Take care, Lars & crew.

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