Friday, November 5, 2010

Nice soul stock added.

At last some nice soul LP's has been added to the stock. Of course also some nice jazz and we continue to put out more reggae records from the huge collection we bought a month ago. A few of the highlights are:


Artistics - Look out - Brunswick - Classic quality male group. 
Artistics - The Articulate Artistics 
Barbara Mason - Yes I'm ready - lovely alltime classic soul LP. 2nd issue.
Benny Johnson - Visions of paradise - Superb LP
Brief encounter -Same - Exclusive Japanese reissue of ultra rare original. 
Doris Duke - I'm a loser 
Eric Dunbar - Freeway - Exclusive reissue of even more exclusive og
Four mints - Gentle down your stream - sweet soul monster 2nd issue but still very rare.
J.J. Barnes - Born again - Perception - Patrick Adams produced
Kelly Brothers - Sweet soul - Nice LP
Leon Haywood - The mellow mellow 
Memory of justice band - Right on time - Killer modern soul
Silk - Same - Prelude
Spunk - Tighten it up - Sealed perfect copy with the lovely "La bimini".
Sweet talks - Same - popular LP
Ultimates - You're my lady - Long delated jap reissue of super rare TSG og
Wilma Reading - On fire - UK only soul/pop LP. 


Arne Domnerus - En gång i stockholm - Great EP and not seen that often.
Charles Tyler - Eastern man alone - ESP
Dizzy Reece - Progress report - Japanese reissue of ultra rare Tempo original. 
Fats Sadi - More vibes - Very rare LP from Belgium
Grant Green - Matador - Japanese King Blue note original
Lars Lystedt - The Runner - Wonderful music and beautiful cover. 
Phil Niblock - Niblok for cello - Seldom seen avantgarde
Sonny Clark - My conception - Japanese King Blue note original
Wayne Shorter - The Collector - King japanese original. 


Freddie Mcgreggor - Freddie - UK original at Vissta sounds
Horace Andy - Don't let problems get you down
Mikey Dread - Jumping master 
Voice of progress - Minibus driver


Chuito Velez - A gogo
Hector Rivera - Viva rivera - Monster latin LP
Joe Quijano - The world's most exciting.. - some killer tracks at this one
Justi Barretto - Boogaloo shingaling - I haven't seen this for a while. 

Don't miss this either

China Burton - You don't care - What a monster disco track! 

Take care, Lars

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  1. Dagens nördigaste observation! Spunk omslaget. En arm i vänster kant? Aldrig sett tidigare. jfr med de andra spunk omslagen som finns på er sida!