Friday, August 6, 2010

Over 550 records added to the stock this week.

Hi! We're back from our vacation and we go out hard with over 550 records added this week. Several Japanese only jazz LP's, Some of the highlights are:


Andrew Hill - Blue black - Japan only.
John Coltrane - Ballads - Amazing LP - Stereo original.
Steve Lacy - The Forest and the zoo - Free jazz.
Tsuyoshi Yamamoto trio - Three records addded fine piano trio
Willie Rodriguez - Flatjacks - Old scool jazz dance favorite. 


Nathen Page - Page on - Rare LP jazz/soul style. 
Stanton Davis - Brighter days - Indemand and rare LP
Sammy Burdson - Funky library. 


Carla Thomas - Comfort me - Original issue in nice shape.
Eddie Kendricks - I've got my eyes on you - His rare 1983 release.
Hi-Five - The other side of us - With the wicked "Let's go all the way". 
Impalas - Speed up - Crossover bomb. 
John Gary Williams - Same - Classic soul LP
Sam Dees - The Show must go on - Alltime favorite. 
Sean Oliver - You and me - 1997 magic tune, now indemand. 
Tom Brock - I love you more and more - Killer Barry White produced LP that just goes up in price. 
Windy city - Hey it's over- lovley tune.


Eddy Jacobs - Pull my coat - Original, scratcy but plays ok. 
Gaturs - Gatur's bait - Funk masterpiece
Memphis Black - Soul comboy - European only funk LP. 


Little starsky- Gangster rock - Peter Brown produced. 


Hard knocks - School of hard knocks - Legendary golden age hip hop LP. 
Paulette & Tanya Winley - rhymin & rappin - According to some the first rap 12 inch ever. With picture sleeve. 


Boris Gardiner - Sledgehammer - Reggae/funk style. 
Marvels - Rocksteady - Club classic!
Ras michael - Movements - Roots classic! 


Conjunto universal - Que se sepa -. Killer latin club bomb
Tata Vasquez - Ectasy - Great LP. 

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