Thursday, May 20, 2010

Record Mania Mix 5 - All soul, all girls

Record Mania Mix 5

For your home listening pleasure - a new all girl, all soul mix courtesy of former Record Mania employee Karl Marthon.

Sarah Vaughn - Inner city blues - Mainstream 45
Zulema - You're so empty - Rca LP
Martha Reeves - Really like your rap - Fantasy 45
Geraldine Hunt - Never, never leave me - Roulette 45
Jeanette (Baby) Washington - Cup (runneth over) - Sixth Avenue 45
Cynthia Brown - Heaven must have sent you - Qiana 45
Phylliss Bailey - Focus - Americom LP
Betty Everett - Keep it up - Fantasy LP
Pat & Pam - Hey love - Day Dreaming 45
Marsha Wilson - Love is gonna get you - Quadrastone 45
4th Kingdom - Gotta get to you - C.O.R.E. 45
Lezli Valentine - I won't do anything - All Platinum 45
Little Mary Staten - Steppin' stone - GME 45
Shirelles - There's a storm going on in my heart - Blue Rock 45
Eleanore Mills - I'm gonna get you - Astroscope LP
Linda Jones (w/ Whatnauts) - I'm so glad I found you - Turbo LP
Delores Hall - Sha-la bandit - Rca LP
Irene Reid - Moon dance - Polydor LP
Martha Reeves - Second chance - Arista LP
Alma Faye Brooks - Thank you - Rca 45
Maxine Brown - Bella mia - Avco 45
Rita Wright - Something on my mind - Gordy 45
Peggy Scott - Things have more meaning now - Old Town 45


  1. I've just started listening to this mix and I already know I'm going to enjoy it. I'm tuned in.

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed this mix and came away with 4 items for my wish list on your website/ record store.

  3. This is Cynthia Brown the artist that recorded "Heaven Must Have Sent You"/Qiana Label. Its been many, many years since I recorded this single. I am very happy that folks are still enjoying it. God Bless :-)

  4. Hi Cynthia! I'm happy to see that you notice that many enjoy your music. Please let us know if you have any copies of that single for sale. You can contact us at
    Thanks you, Lars Larsson.

  5. Hi Lars! This is Cynthia Brown, I appreciate and thank those that still enjoy this record. Unfortunately I don't have any singles. I've been trying to track down the singles myself. I did make contact with one of the producers of the record in New Orleans but, no luck. Sorry its taken so long to reply. If I find any singles I'll be sure to let you know. Take care and thanks again.