Thursday, April 15, 2010

Packing packages


I sometimes get the question from shop visitors if we ship records as well. For me this feels a bit absurd as I see Record Mania as a mail order company that has a small store. About 90% of what we sell is sold via mailorder primarily via our website. When I started doing mailorder in the mid 90´s I shipped almost entirely to big cities like London, Tokyo, Berlin, Osaka etc. Now with the help of internet it certainly has grown and spread to everything from small cities in Sweden to more or less all parts of the world. In this big pile of records that we shipped last week for example was one package to Greenland and also Alaska, India, Hong kong, Columbia, Kazakstan, Belarus and other for me exotic places which I never thought wanted some black music plastic in their life. I'm just waiting for that first order from Africa! Lars Larsson.

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  1. Mattias my coworker that pack the records most of the times informed that we indeed had already shipped to South Africa a couple of times and some island outside of Madagascar!