Friday, January 15, 2010

Sandra Wright & Teddy Pendergrass are gone.

Record dealing today is not the same as it was before. It used to be more music oriented back when vinyl was the dominating medium. Today I think it's easy to forget many of those wonderful artists who had great success and sold large quantities of their records. One of the best soul singers ever for me is Teddy Pendergrass who died a couple of days ago. He did so many killer tunes as "Close the door", "Believe in love", "Turn off the lights" and countless more. The album pictured here is my favorite and a must-have. It's also cheap and easy to get hold of wherever you live thanks to the internet.


Sandra Wright is an artist that didn't get the attention she deserved while she was alive. This LP pictured here is her only one and it was planned to get a release by Stax. Unfortunaly for her and all soul fans worldwide this LP didn't get a proper release then as Stax went bankrupt. Sandra Wright got so disappointed that nothing happened except for a couple of 45's on Stax sub label Truth, that she lost faith in the music business and in her singing. In 1989 it got a release in England via the producer of the LP but it took until around maybe 2001-2002 until soul fans started to notice this. I bought my own copy at the Nitty Gritty record store and was more or less shocked by how incredibly good several tracks were. "Midnight affair" and "I come running back" are absolute masterpieces that I never get tired of. I'm happy that this album and the original 45 of "Midnight affair" are indemand worldwide now so she can get some of the attention she rightfully deserves. It also shows that record dealing/collecting at the good side really does a cultural deed to hunt up those lost artists.


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