Friday, December 28, 2012

60s and early 70s Soul

Today we focus on early soul from the 60's and the beginning of the 70's. Many in fantastic shape and a few of them are sealed with classic and much loved artists like Al Green, Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin and more. There's also a few more obscure records added which you can see a few examples below. A few jazz, hip hop and disco records added too but not that much due to Christmas vacations. 

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As a little gift to you we give you a great soul mix from one of our regular store customers Martin Andersson. Check that out here:

Soul mix

We wish all customers a Happy New Year!

60s & EARLY 70s SOUL

Philadelphia soul indemander best known for the Pete Rock sampled "Ain't got no love" but my favorite is the wonderful "I really love you" - group harmony heaven! Wonderful copy, looks more or less untouched! 

Classic Motown soul with the breathtaking "A favor for a girl" and "Every little bit hurts".

Great 60s/northern soul LP including the classic "Nothing but a heartache" & "Need your loving". 

"Looking for you" killer northern soul and "Thinkin" a great deeper track!

Sealed US original of rare second album by this great soul man, great 60s soul on "These are", "Questions" and "Little volcano".

Brilliant 60's soul album that I think is one of the best from this period. 

One of my all-time favorite soul LPs. Amazing record from start to end and a must if you like sweet 60s soul.

Rare early soul album with that lovely cover, including the evergreen "Wonderful world" and more songs in this vein.

Very rare record and the first LP release on Motown. Mainly a soul/r&b LP, but in high demand for the killer percussive jazz dancer "Congo twist".


Rare LP with "Runaway heart" lovely, dreamy vocal jazz tune that crosses over.

LP from 1971 with Alan Skidmore, Dudu Pukwana, Mike Osborne and John Surman. 

BLP 4139, mono original with New York USA labels. Featuring Joe Henderson & Johnny Coles.

Raw Swedish hip hop on a rare 12" from 1998.

Ultra rare independent soul album from 1977 with a killer tune in the soft, melancholic "I'm so happy now".

A regular customer in the store made a nice soul-mix we like to share with you.

Al Green - Keep On Pushing Love (12")
Karin Jones - Here I Go Again (LP)
Ann Heywood - Crook His Little Finger (7")
Style - Illusions (LP)
Patti Shaw - Somebody Pulled The Switch (7")
Layabouts feat. Portia Monique - Do Better (12")
Conrad Jackson - Come Back With Me (7")
Kapp Ivory Project - It's Over (7")
Curtis - How Can I Tell Her (7")
Kathy McFarland - Memories (LP)
Jaibi - My Life Is No Better (7")
Monique - If You Love Me, Show Me (7")
Mary Holmes - I'll Make It Up To You (7")
Neo Experience - Human (7")
Candy Bowman - I Wanna Feel Your Love (12")
Sammy Acuna - I Never Found A Girl (7")
Great Lakes Orchestra featuring Lou Ragland - Didn't I Tell You (7")

Friday, December 21, 2012

Reggae, jazz and more!

One of the last weekly updates of this year and also one of this year's strongest! Over 500 records listed with focus on reggae and jazz but as always there are nice records in all sections. About 70 reggae 7"s, 12"s and LPs, check below for some of the rarer ones. In the jazz section we have for example Carstein Meinert's fantastic "To You", some Blue Note-originals and fine titles from Sonny Rollins & Monica Zetterlund.

For those of you who are in Stockholm between Christmas and New Year's Eve we will have a 10% sale in the store (not on mail orders, sorry...). The sale is the dates December 27, 28 & 29 and is only valid for records bought and paid for during this time. The shop is open 13-18 on Dec 27th & 28th and 12-16 on Dec 29th.

Next Friday the focus will be on 60s and early 70s soul!

Have a nice Christmas! /Lars & crew


Deep roots tune on a heavy recut of Hugh Mundell's "Run Revolution A Come".

Soul, Jamaican r&b and ska-album recorded in Atlantic Studios, New York. Rare Jamaican original on Sunshine. 

Rare Barbados LP with the beautiful reggae track "Tomorrow's sun"!

Top Studio One doublesider, great copy!

Israel Vibration's third album with kller tunes as "Why You So Craven", "Universal Father", "Morning Light" and more.

Killer roots recorded at Harry J.

Top Channel One-roots from Yabby You, storming Jammy dub on the flip.

Mighty modern roots doublesider from 2007!


Absolutely stunning and very indemand spiritual jazz album with a Coltrane-inspired sound. Top copy, both vinyl and fragile wraparound sleeve are close to NM. 

BST 84178, classic 60s Blue Note session with Chick Corea, Junior Cook. New York USA-label stereo original.

Rare Strata-East LP from 1974. Poetry album with music by Richard Davis.

"Possesion" Serge Gainsbourg-inspired, X-rated funk gem, rare Spanish original in lovely shape! 

Lovely album from the queen of Swedish jazz, very rare original pressing. 4 more Monica Zetterlund-albums listed this week.

Very rare Moondog LP from 1986, recorded in Sweden.

Lovely copy, of stereo original with black deep groove label & gold print. 

Rare piano trio LP with Peter Erich & Peer Wyboris.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Rare groove special + disco

Today we have listed about 400 records. Quite a lot of disco but also 150-200 that could be described as "Rare grooves". This term started to pop up in the late 80's/early 90's when DJ's like Norman Jay started playing groove-oriented retro dance music. Not only funk and soul but anything that had a groove and was funky worked.Funky jazz from Prestige, funky rock and latin like Tempo 70 and afro funk from Fela Kuti  was in great demand. The first Brazilian records started to emerge at the scene with new discoveries from Mark Wimmers, Joe Davis and many other fantastic record dealers. One good example is this killer album by Ana Mazzotti. London was ruled by records shops like Jam Records and Pete "Wolfman" Chavasse. This spread all over the world, much thanks to help from the Acid jazz boom and even here in Sweden we had the Blacknuss club that played Tania Maria's "Come with me" and Pharoah Sanders "You've got to have freedom" to a packed dancefloor. We did our own version in my hometown Uppsala and had clubs called Apollo and Soul Jazz Club at Katalin. One massive indemander during these years was Eddie Harris with his club hit "It's alright now"  that I was trying to get myself and couldn't find in Sweden. At last I was offered this at a record show but the seller wanted 1000 SEK for it. Luckily I passed it up and found it for cheap bucks from a UK dealer. Times change don't they, but still some of the music that was discovered back then sounds great at least to my ears. Below are a few of the bigger records added today but also many other good albums by artists like Roy Ayers has came out today. Enjoy! Lars 


"Kon tiki" and "African fantasy" are massive latin descarga bombs!

Known in hip hop/breakbeat circles for "Gangster boogie" track but don't miss the great cover of Willie Hutch's "I chose you".

Seldom seen US original of album with the soul/disco classic "Last night changed it all" (much used in hip hop).

Alltime classic breakbeat/funk LP with the huge "Apache", "Bongo rock '73" and "Bongolia".

 Lovely copy of classic funky jazz LP. "Sweetback" and "Confusion" are my favorite tracks on this very rare private pressed album.

One of his rarer and most popular 70's albums, as used by the Beastie Boys ways back. "Root down" is a wicked funk jazz classic for the clubs. Don't miss his "Paid In Full"-album also listed this week.

Very rare Barbados only album with the heavy funk tune "Cardova"!


US original of electronic leftfield disco classic, big tune that still sounds great. Loads of disco 12"s listed this week! 

Lovely jazz classic only released in 1000 numbered copies (this is #833).

Live recorded spiritual/leftfield jazz from 1975, includes a great version of Coltrane's "Ole".

Classic Euro-jazz with the wicked 60's jazz number "Seeds", UK pressing.

Friday, December 7, 2012

45s special and more!

Today we have put out about 100 45s. Primarily soul: modern, northern, two-step, midtempo or whatever you call your soul plus also a few funk, latin and Brazilian 45s. We're also putting out many disco 12's from that huge collection we bought a couple of weeks ago plus lots of hip hop from another collection. Not much jazz this week but three rare Saba originals, one Tubby Hayes original and a couple Impulse records from Ornette Coleman & Ahmad Jamal. More jazz will come later on... The easiest way to follow all the stuff that we add to the site is to check our "New arrival" section here:

You can also be mailed what we list via our weekly mail letter. Sign up here if you're not included yet:

Next week we will have a "Rare Groove" special update giving tribute to the late 80's and early 90's English scene that spread over the world. Much loved classic LP's by Jon Lucien, Roy Ayers, JB's will of course be listed as well some exclusive records that you don't see that often.


Clubby funk/jazz version with a great female vocal and hard percussion, reminds me of Nina Simone's "Funkier than a mosquito's tweeter".

Excellent modern soul dancer, this is a rarer and better version of the La Que song on the same label.

Legendary two step rarity on the original Detroit release from 1983.

Superb modern soul/disco track, sounds so right for the dancefloor! 

Monster soul/rare groove anthem, this is the rare Dutch issue with picture sleeve.

SALE 45s

We put out one new arrival box of 45's today (shop only) priced 10 SEK each with "New" releases from around 1998-2003 from that huge collection in Finland that we bought a couple months ago. Stuff like J-Walk, Red Egyptian, J-Star, reissues by Edu lobo and much more. Also put out new arrivals in the Soul/Disco/Funk 10 SEK 45 section as well.

12"s & LPs

Early West End release mixed by Tom Moulton!

Female boogie buster on rare US 12"!

SB 15024, German stereo original with pink tree label and gatefold cover. The Saba albums "Zoller Koller Solal" and "Jazz Studio H.G.B.S. Number One" has also been listed for sale today.

Massive demand for this classic Diamond D-produced album from 1992. We have also listed his "Return of the Funky Man" 12" today.

Very rare prog/jazz LP from 1972.

Scarse independant fusion album from 1980 on tiny Atlanta label with the fusion styled soul/disco tracks "Happiness is having you near" and "Brotherson".