Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Today we have added about 500 rare records to the website. It's among the best stock we have ever had in a "Big update". We have for example almost all Black jazz titles, many of the Strata-east titles, several MPS/Saba original in lovely condition and many more. I think the strongest sections this time is the Soul/Funk LP's, European Jazz LP's, Fusion/Funk Jazz LP's. Too see all records added plus more stock see at.

Have a look below for a sample of the titles that we just added.


Addmoro - Keep on trying - Ultra rare modern soul album. Nice clean copy. 

1619 bad ass band - Same - Great soul/funk album. 2nd issue but still super rare.

Ballads - The Gift of love - Us original of this rare and good LP. 

Brenton Wood - Boogaloo - Scarse LP with northern tunes. 

Class-set - My style - Lovely group soul LP.

Connie McGill & the Visions - Relax with - Watch - Ultra rare early soul album.

Danser's inferno - Creation one - First issue at Lirs.

Eramus Hall - Your love is my desire - Lovely album. A true classic!

Esquires now - Born to win - Funky album from Trinidad.

Henri Pierre Noel - One more step - Canadian only album.

James Mason - Rhythm of life - Superb soul/jazz album. So indemand.

Kelly brothers - Too much soul - Lovely 60's soul LP.

La Brumfield - I want to be your babe - Rare modern soul LP.

Lee McDonald - Sweet magic - Awesome soul LP and a huge rarity in nice shape. 

Life force - Same - Strawberry records - Indemand album.

Mad Cliff - Same - Guiness records - One of the best albums at this cult label.

Malone Barnes - Freedom serenade - indiependant funk/soul.

Mary Saxton - Sad eyes - Canadian only with monster Northern soul track.

Newban - 1 - Rare groove masterpiece.

Newban - 2 - This ain't bad either!

Reality - Same - Ultra rare funk/disco LP. 

Ripple blast singers - Funny girl soul - Album only northern soul bomb. Sealed copy.

Rimshots - Soul train - Top copy in shrink.

Rocket - Same - Indemand boogie/modern soul album. 

Stark reality - Discovers Hoagy carmichael's music shop - Nice clean original.

Starvue - Upward bound - "Body fusion" still is one of my favorite soul tunes. Awesome.

Tal Armstrong - The Tallest man in love - Very seldom seen original copy. 

Tony Aiken & future 2000 - Unity sing it shout it - Big modern soul album.

Walter Bouligny - At work - Nice clean copy independant soul biggie. 

Willie Tee I'm only a man - Great 70's soul album


Ann Young - As well be spring - Japanese only with THE jazz dancer "Speak low".

Barbara Lea - With the Johnny Windhurst quintets - Prestige original 7065 in nice clean shape.

Bjarne Rostvold - Tricrotism - Super rare Euro jazz album, clean shape.

Clarke Boland big band - Out of the folk bag - Columbia - German original in lovely shape.

Detroit jazz composers Ltd - Hastings St Jazz Experience - Independant jazz rarity. Original copy.

Dieter Reith - A happy afternoon - Saba original in fine shape.

Dusko Goykovich - Swinging macedonia - Philips German original. One clean copy and one lesser good copy but still that plays fine.

Eero Koivistionen - For children - Superb album and so seldom seen. 

Eero Koivistoinen - Odysseus - Original modern jazz biggie. 

Ensemble Al Salaam - The Sojourner - Mint original copy of this Strata-east album.

Inge Brandenburg - It's alright with me - Super rare vocal jazz album from Germany. 

Jazz ministers - Zandile - South african jazz album that turns up very seldom.

Jenny Evans - Whisper not - Lovely vocal jazz album, German only.

John Taylor - Decipher - MPS album. Fine piano jazz trio album.

John Gordon - Erotica suite - THE rarest album at Strata-east. Hardly ever up for sale.  

Komeda - Ballet etudes the music of - Metronome original. Ultra rare.

Marvelous band - Chant libre - Odd experimental album.

Paul Chambers - Bass on top - Blue note 1569 - Mono original fairly clean.

Rainer pusch quartet - Journey agent - Including "Mixing" which is great modern jazz.

Randy Weston - African rhythms - Super rare French original in lovely shape. 

Red Garland's piano - Prestige 7086 - very clean original copy. 

Roland Kovac - Trip to the Mars - One of the most wanted Saba albums, in lovely shape.

Sahib Shihab - Summer dawn - Argo original. No "Big update without a Sahib Shihab album!

Sun Ra - Disco 3000 - El Saturn original with cover. 

Thad Jones - The Magnificent vol 3 - Blue note 1546 - Unusual LP - Mono original.

Tommy Flanagan - The Cats - New jazz 8217 - Beautiful shape, original copy.

Total music association - Walpurgisnacht - Avantgarde jazz.

Tubby Hayes - Late spot at Scott's - Uk original at Fontana 

Walter Strerath trio quartet quintet - Same - Ultra rare original copy. Great modern jazz LP.


Akropolis - Half a million hours symphony - Killer breakbeat album.

Cosmic eye - Dream sequence - Ultra rare hippie jazz. 

Cosaque & voltage 8 - Cosaque 1978 - Very special LP.

Day is over - Ultra rare Finnish fusion/jazz album with Eski Linnavalli a.o.

Doug Hammond with Karen Joseph - Ellipse - Lesser known album by this great artist.

Eero Koivistionen - Wahoo - One of the big Euro groove jazz albums. Original copy. 

Emphasis - Same - Very seldom seen fusion album from Switzerland.

Fernando Gelbard - Didi - Argentinian original with a very special, unique track. 

Freddy Cole - The Cole nobody knows - "Brother where are you" is a fantastic track.

Gary Wilson trio - Another galaxy - Odd album very rare.

Gert Thrue - Sound painted pictures of cosmic love - Breakbeat business. 

Hal Singer & Jef Gilson - Soul of africa - Ultra rare French groove monster. 

Herbie Hancock - Flood - Japanese original in fantastic shape. 

Jorge Lopez Ruiz - Un hombre de Buenos Aires - Argentinian fusion. 

Kitty Winter - Limelight suite - Was years since I had a copy of this.

Les demerle - Concerts by the sea - Ultra rare album. 

Les demerle - Transcendental watusi - So seldom seen.

Martial Solal - Locomotion - Very rare French funky fusion album. 

Modern sound quintet - Otinku - Very rare album.

Namaz - 300 M.P.H. - Super rare fusion album.

Nathan Davis - Makatuka - Fantastic artist.

Nathan Davis - Suite for Dr Martin Luther King - First issue, rare. 

Paul Weeden - Attakullaculla - Rare Norwegian funk jazz album.

Placebo - Same - Massive demand, killer album. Original issue.

Platina - Freedom - Israelian fusion. 

Potter & Tillman - New York to L.A. coasting. 

Rimona Francis with the Stu Hacohen band - Badabada - Ultra rare album.

Shamek Farrah - The World of the children - indemand Strata-east biggie in lovely shape. 

Teruo Nakamura - Unicorn - Japanese original. 

Weldon Irvine - In harmony - Indemand album, original issue.


Alemayehu Eshete - Nei nei woleba / Yemaynega - Ethipian funk/jazz. Mint (yeah right)

Asoka - Same - Swedish rock/prog indemander.

Blenders Ltd - When ya get through with it.. / You got it all.. - Rare funk bomb.

Bo Nilsson - Gorillan går in - Funk/jazz 45 from Sweden.

Bobby Pauneto - The Modern sound of - Original copy of this incredible good latin LP.

Chubby & the turnpikes - I didn't know the inside story - Rare soul 45.

Chris Harwood - Nice to meet Miss Christine - UK original at birth of this folk/funk bomb with breaks. 

Daybreak - Best of friends - Lovely Brazilian folk/hippie album. Recomended.

Deep heet - Funky beat / Break away - Very rare funk 45. 

Dmx affair - One time to make it right - Lovely smooth soul 45.

Don Cunningham - Something for everyone - Ultra rare OG including the monster tune "Tabu".

Five o all stars / Shelton walker - Warm december / One of us will weep - Reggae rarity.

Francisco Aguabella - Hitting hard - Dance the latin way - Super rare latin/jazz album. 

Hugo Heredia - Mananita pampera - Lovely jazz/fusion groove track. Long time since I had this LP.

J Brown - Hold it right there - Incredible reggae/disco bomb. Canadian only.

Jazz Quintet 58 - Tep 6 / Buttes nitch - Ultra rare Danish jazz EP with Allan Botschinsky a.o.

Jah seaton / B.B. Seaton - Gun court dub - Good dub album.

John-Erik Axelsson - Spår - Swedish prog rarity. 

Kitty Winter - Feel it - Euro jazz/bossa classic, nice clean original.

Kontinuerlig drift  - Same - Rare Swedish prog.

Leroy & the drivers - Sad Chicken - Duo records original - Fantastic funk 45, bad tune!

Marius Cultier - The Way - Monster latin/fusion LP with unique sound. 

Orchester Pete Jacques - Round trip ro rio - Euro bossa LP that seldom turns up.

Träd gräs och stenar - Rock för kropp och själ - Indemand Swedish prog. 

Zombies - Odessey and oracle - Ultra rare UK original in clean shape of this psych classic.

We also will put out a few obscure records at ebay.

Phil Hewitt jazz ensemble - Since washington - Ultra rare jazz LP done in 100 copies only and it's good music as well...

Nyame Bekyere band - Broken heart - Afro rarity.

Paul Ngozi - The Ghetto - Rare Zambian LP with a cool mix of music.

New editions - Vargo - Obscure 45 in a psych/funk/breakbeat style.

Days - Same - Danish rock/prog rarity at Spectator.

Please remember that we are always interested in buying exclusive titles or collections. In case you have any of these records listed here we can pay 60% of the sum as long it's similar shape. Enjoy the update, Lars & Crew .

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Massive collection just bought.

Last week we bought a great collection from an old customer/friend of us. 4500 albums (no 45's or 12's unfortunaly) primarly soul, funk, rare grooves, jazz (late 60's and 70's jazz). Lots of European jazz and groove oriented records like many titles on Horo, Fontana, Saba, MPS, JAPO, ECM, Love plus US labels like Black Jazz, Strata-East, Nimbus, Muse which in some parts are more or less complete catalogues. There's not a lot of 50's jazz but there's some fine originals on Blue Note and Prestige. It's not the biggest collection we have bought but maybe the best. There are many records that we haven't had for ten years or more plus many new obscure records that we never have had before.

As our backroom in the store already before these 4500 records were crammed with thousands of records that's in que for us to stock at the website, we now have rented a lockup to have enough space to move in the office. Some, but far from all, of the more exclusive records will be added to our next

"Big Update 8 June"

We will then stock between 400-700 records depending how much we get done until then. It will be great stuff on all sections (apart from house/nu jazz I'm afraid) but maybe strongest on soul and funk albums and European jazz. As I think with all our "Big Updates" it's very exciting for us to be able to offer that many rare, indemand records at the same time. Please note that this "Big update" is done on a Wednesday and that you have to visit the website to see the added records (unlike our popular weekly mails when we mail our customers what records that's added).

To be notified about the "Big Update" sign up here unless you already are included in the mailinglist.

Big update + weekly mails.

You can also be notified immediatly when a record is for sale if you add that record as a want via the website. I'm afraid we can't service wantlists the old school way via mail as we simply have no time over. There's no buying obligations but the record will not be reserved for you, so you still have to order it via the shopping cart if you want it.

Automated wantlist

This is the best way to be notified when an indemand  record is for sale as many records sell out fast and some often sells within minutes to those that have left wants via the website.

For the first time we will also be open the whole summer during normal opening days.

As always quality trades and collections bought.

Take care, Lars & crew.